Privacy policy


Here is where we (Nerdymates) reveals how and why we gather, process, use and store any of the information we collect from you (site user). If, after reviewing this policy you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Please note: with the continual evolution of the laws regarding privacy and major ongoing advances in technology in mind, we reserve the right to make updates to our existing Privacy Policy.

If I am just a site visitor reviewing information via an Internet browser, but I do not make use of the services available, will Nerdymates gather my personal data?

We do not collect the personal information of every Web visitor evaluating or accessing the information on our site. If you allow, we may put pixels or session cookies on your personal computer.

The Technologies Backing Nerdymates

We rely on a variety of technological resources, and this allows us to take full advantage of the innovative means in which people communicate.

Nerdymates make use of cookies: tiny packets of information that gets stored on your mobile device or desktop computer. We also make use of Pixels: tiny portions of code placed on our webpages. The use of pixels allows us to make use of site analytics tools so we can observe who is visiting the site, number of visits and page downloads. A separate server collects information. Cookies and Pixels are often used in conjunction with one another. The information we can gather from cookies use includes the specific time and date you access the pages on our site, links you choose to access, page views, and IP address assigned to your computer, laptop, tablet, or other mobile devices through your Internet Provider. The cookies Nerdy-Mates uses to deliver relevant advertisements and to record the efficiency and performance of our latest advertising campaigns include just some of the following: AdRoll, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Yandex.

What Information Does Nerdymates Need and Why is it Used?

  • Nerdymates is a personal assistant service working as a virtual venue; we connect clients with vendors so digital and physical goods and/or services related to college life and education are more accessible to you.
  • Nerdymates stores the information we gather in our system. The data we include stems from personal information that we gather from third parties; particularly information stemming from social media outlets not otherwise restricted by the privacy settings set up by Twitter, Facebook, or other social media outlets. We also collect the information you give us directly through interaction with one or more of our representatives, and the data that we collect using pixels and cookies.
  • We gather data that we later use to help in processing your requests; such data includes things like your telephone number, email address, and full name along with your birthdate and physical address. The latter list is not all inclusive and is subject to change.
  • We never access your banking information. If you are interested in discovering your private information that we have in our system, please feel free to contact us via email. It can take one to three business days to process one’s request, but we will respond as promptly as possible.

What Happens to the Data Nerdymates Collects?

The data we collect and store serves the following purposes:

  • Order and request processing and completion;
  • Protecting and ensuring the safety and integrity of the services and products under the Nerdymates brand;
  • Delivering to your location exclusive services and other features;
  • Making personalized and customized ads and content available to you;
  • To match potential services to your preferences and suggest products you might find useful or necessary;
  • For the smooth operation of our business, which needs occasional service improvements, troubleshooting, testing, research, and data analysis.

Will third parties get my private information from Nerdymates?

We work in conjunction with other third parties to ensure the quality of the services we provide. On occasion, it may be necessary to share the personal data we have collected with other businesses and vendors. The type of information we share and who we share it with includes:

  • Our representatives who handle customer requests. Our employees, when hired, sign an agreement ensuring the privacy of the information they collect – this agreement is necessary to secure all the private data we collect.
  • To process your request and complete the orders you make, it is sometimes necessary to share your information with third-party vendors.
  • We use the data in relation to the services we offer and actions we perform, including completing your requests, advertising, analytics, and transactions completed on behalf of Nerdymates.
  • When needed, we will also willingly offer your personal data to law enforcement and government agencies or any other third party when the law demands it. We will communicate and share information with legal authorities to protect our rights and the property of other parties. We also willingly follow court orders and any judicial proceedings or matters and readily respond to a legal process if we are served for any reason whatsoever.