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Nerdymates, our partners, and third parties rely on the use of cookies as well as alternative technologies for use on our advertisements, electronic-based communications, mobile-based applications, and websites as well as other services made available online (herein which all will be referred to as “Our Services” or more simply “Services,” for a variety of reasons. Such reasoning for the use of cookies and identifying technologies include the ability to track user preferences and store them for later use, authenticating any user who decides to use the site and its services, for the purposes of identify the content we share which proves the most popular, and for measuring the effectiveness of any of our advertising campaigns, assessing site trends and where traffic comes from, and for the purposes of exploring the online behaviors of users so we can identify interests and the easiest methods for providing interaction through our site and our services.

An Overview of Cookies

Advertisements, online media, apps, and website use cookies: small files containing text that gets stored on your Internet browser. This allows for us to track some of your behaviors online but also benefits you in faster more efficient downloads the next time you visit our site. Cookies vary in terms of the type that we use. There are “first-party cookies” which are small text files served by the domain operator. For instance, when you visit Nerdymates using the URL www.Nerdymates, you are dealing with first party cookies type. Then there are what are identified as “third party cookies”: These are small text files that are served by a company outside of the domain operator’s circle. Thus, imagine Nerdymates allowing the search giant like Google to place a cookie in the browser you use while visiting the site – this is a third party cookies application. The amount of time a cookie can endure depends on the type of cookies we are discussing. There are persistent cookies that remain after you close your browser. Once you go back on the Internet and being exploring online, these cookies will recognize your device. Session Cookies only last while you have your Internet Browser open. Upon closing your browser, sessions cookies get deleted automatically.

Additional Technologies Used for Identification and Tracking

Even though you are examining our cookies policy, we want to alert our site users to the various technologies we use to track information. Along with different cookies, we also use Pixel tags. The tags are sometimes called pixels and other times they are called beacons: these are small segments of code called by or installed on an advertisement, web page, or app; the beacon is meant to retrieve specific information pertaining to your browser and device. Such information collections might include the gathering of your IP address, referring website, time of your visit, the website visited the browser version and type, the operating system of your device, and sometimes shows from what URL you used to access the site as well as the length of time you spent on any page. Pixels allow third parties to gather vital marketing data while accessing the information from a domain they do not operate. This is done with the permission of the domain owner and operator.

Local storage is a term that indicates additional device or browser locations where information gets stored by the owner of the site, third parties, or ads, including the browser cache and HTML5 local storage. SDKs or what some refer to as Software Development Kits operate like cookies or pixels, but are what works for tracking mobile application behavior whereas cookies and pixels do not always work with mobile apps. The application developer puts a tiny piece of coding (SDK) into the application so the app partner can gather information like how often you launch the app, the pages you visit, and how you interact with the application as well as information about your connecting network and the device you are using to operate the app in question.

You Are In Control – To Allow or Disallow Cookies, Pixels, and Alternative Tracking Options

As the user of your device and browser, you have a choice as to whether you acquiesce to the use of cookies or not. Bear in mind, however, cookies are important to the domain operator and third parties who collect necessary marketing information, and if you opt out of the use of cookies or you have cookies removed, it can have an influence on how the Services you access function and the availability of such Services as well.

Usually, by default, your Internet browser allows the use of cookies. You have the option of changing browser settings to reject the cookies that track things on your computer and your behavior as you use your computer or mobile app. You can access the Help or Preference areas of a browser to find out how to manage cookies. There are third parties that give you a convenient way of opting out of cookies if you desire – when you access the site you get notified with a pop-up box asking you want to allow or disallow cookies use.

If you reject third party cookies or remove them it does not affect flash cookies from third parties which might be used by the domain operation or our partners that are in connection with the services, we provide. Flash cookies can be deleted or disabled and you can find out more by visiting the site for additional information. For more details about cookies and to observe how cookies are set on your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile app, and for methods on their successful management, removal, and finally, to observe the cookies already on your device, find out more information at and

Types and Purposes of Cookies

Cookie Variant Function The Server of the Cookie Variant
Local These cookies allow provide an experience that is localized. For instance, our site might collect data from a cookie placed on your device or browser, so you will be able to see our website in the language of your preference.
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Website Services and Features These cookies allow to offer services and products by increasing site functionality. For instance, the cookies can help fill in input boxes to hasten sign in for the returning user. Some of the cookies we rely on include social media plugins for ease of site sign up and log in as well. These same cookies give the chance to customize the user experience and content the user sees and allows us to suggest services or products the user might find of interest.
Research and Analytics These are cookies that are placed to track how you interact with our site, and it allows us to discover what products you are interested in, the content that proves most popular, and this, in turn, allows us to create and maintain a site that remains intriguing, engaging, and easier to find and use. It also helps us understand how you perceive or marketing approaches so we can engage, not only in the most effective marketing but in the most unobtrusive marketing efforts as well.
Advertisement These are pixels and cookies we and third parties use to decide what ads are relevant to you and so we can track how advertising campaign is working. You can opt out from the use of cookies and pixels, and you can learn more about how to do so; US residents can visit, and those visitors outside of the US are encouraged to visit

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